A Kansas Country Garden

Planted on Easter morning in 1992, these poppies return every year.

Take a walk in my garden. Each week I try to photograph what is blooming, and sometimes there are surprises!



Spring 2017


March 2016
Hope Springs
The Garden in Not Silent, clematis, roses, flax, mock orange shrub,honeysuckle


March 2015
The Dead Things Must Go - crocus and garden chores
April 2015
Comfort and Joy (Good Friday and Easter) - flowering bushes and trees
A Closer Look - candytuft, lilac, catmint and more
May 2015
May Bursts Forth in a Crescendo of Life-poppies, iris, centaurea, columbine and lily-of-the-valley
Beautiful Name - roses
Martha is a Mama - peony, coreopsis, catmint, love-in-a-mist, daisies, allium
June 2015
A Poem for the Garden -  roses, coreposis, lilies, love-in-a-mist, allium 
June Ushers in a Splendid Summer - roses, daylilies, verbena, daisies, hollyhock
August 2015
Summer Slump
September 2015
Farewell to Summer - Sweet Autumn clematis
October/November 2015
Worth Doing - Save Your Sweet Potato Vines for Next Year
Winter Comes Suddenly and Treacherously 

March 2014
Farewell to Winter-Crocus signal winter's end
April 2014
Spring Glows-Daffodils, muscari, and spurge burst into bloom
Freeze Scare-Crabapple, Flowering almond and plum. Bradford pears bloom in spite of a freeze scare
May 2014
Most Wonderful Time- Lilacs, columbine, Nannyberry
Meanings and Memories - Poppies and iris
June 2014
After the Rain - Lilies, roses, bellflowers
Held Hostage - Verbena, Daylilies, Roses, Allium
Back Third: Vegetables
July 2014
Daylilies grace the summer garden.

Four Reasons to Love Daylilies
August 2014
Drama in the Garden: Hibiscus, Phlox, Cosmos
September 2014
Indispensable Perennial: Autumn Joy Sedum
October 2014
Autumn Arrives in the Kansas Country Garden


February 2013
First and Second Weeks--Crocus begin to bloom
Third Week--Snow!
March 2013
Third and Fourth Week--Daffodils
April 2013
First Week--Daffodils
Second Week--Icy April
Third Week--Spring stalls, tulips
Fourth Week--Blooming trees and shrubs 
May 2013
Meet Cinco and Mayo
Early May--Lilacs and irises
Mid-May--Poppies, irises and columbine
May comes to an Enchanting End--Roses, allium and love-in-a-mist
June 2013
June begins--Roses, winecup, sedum and bellflower have interesting color combinations
Mid-June--Roses, lilies, day lilies, hollyhock
June is Over--Lilies, larkspur, hollyhock, elderberry
July 2013
Jubilant July--Day lilies, sunflowers
July is Sweltering--Hibiscus, morning glory, zinnias
August 2013
It's a Wet August!
Is This a Good Thing? (Late August)-Rose of Sharon, roses, veggies and a guinea setting on a nest
September 2013
September Zips By
October 2013
Bad Plant Momma

March 2012
Second Week--Daffodils, tulips and forsythia
Fourth Week--Tulips, trees

April 2012
First Week--Lilacs, Iris begin
Second Week--Columbine, flowering shrubs
Third Week--Poppies from Lydia
Fourth Week--Roses and peonies

May 2012
First Week--Peonies, roses and iris
Second Week--Larkspur, allium and roses
Third Week--Larkspur, yarrow, nigella and roses
Fourth Week--Butterfly weed, lilies, day lilies and roses
Fifth Week--Lilies, Missouri primrose and day lilies

June 2012
First Week--Allium, rose of sharon shrub, cleome, black-eyed susan
Second Week--Black-eyed susan, hollyhock,  russian sage
Third Week--Lots of day lilies
Fourth Week--Phlox, hibiscus

July 2012
First Week--Tiger lilies, hibiscus, day lilies
Second Week--Sunflowers, verbena, morning glories
Fourth Week--Surprise lily, coleus, tomatoes

August 2012
Whole Month--Morning glories, gomphrena, garlic chives
Thinking About Containers

Living in a Dry and Weary Land

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