Quick Mix Garlic Cheese Biscuits: Savory and Tasty

A warm, savory Garlic Cheese Biscuit is a delicious addition to any meal whether elegant or casual. Some people have to go to a certain restaurant to get them, but you don't. You can make them with just a few basic ingredients and a few minutes (but only if you already have the Quick Mix on hand). Since these are drop biscuits, there's no rolling out involved. You simply spoon them onto a baking sheet and tuck them into a hot oven. You probably already know how good they taste. 

Tropical Flavor: Sourdough Hummingbird Muffins

Somewhere a tropical breeze is blowing through palm trees and waves are lapping on a sandy beach.  Someone is reclining there, basking in the warmth; no doubt snacking on fresh pineapple or another tropical fruit before wading in the surf. 

That someone isn't me. Is it you?