Awesome: Chocolate Sourdough Zucchini Cake

Is it possible to have too much zucchini? Most gardeners who optimistically planted more than one hill will answer with a resounding "Yes!".

Sourdough Zucchini Bread Makes Summertime Complete

Have you had zucchini bread this summer? If not, your summer is not complete. And if it was made and served by these lovely young ladies who could resist?

A Kansas Country Garden: Jubilant July

Nothing says Kansas like our glorious sunflowers!
A favorite combo: day lilies with sea lavender, Limonium platyphyllum.
Things are heating up! This is Kansas and summers in Kansas are hot. June had some hot days, but many of the days were relatively mild. What a blessing! But July is a blessing too.

A Kansas Country Garden: June Is Over

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we have a little red, white and blue from the lilies and larkspur in the garden. (Although I don't think they will still be blooming on Thursday.