Complex Combo: Sourdough Brown Bread with Molasses

My new favorite flavor combination is  sourdough, whole grains and molasses.  Like good friends each enhances the virtues of the others. 
Bubbly sourdough, oatmeal and whole wheat grains and earthy molasses
You'll find this complex combination in a rustic loaf of Sourdough Brown Bread with Molasses

We Gather Together

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing" and the table is laden with the most delicious dishes. 

Sourdough Ginger Pear Bread with Walnuts

The delightful fruits of fall are as much a part of the changing season as the falling leaves and gray skies.

End of an Era

Father and son work the bale elevator. 
I remember haying. Prairie hay harvest has always been a big part of summer on the farm.  Meadows of prairie grass are cut, dried and baled to feed cattle through the winter. 

Wait For It

Our story begins with a black hen. There is also a golden hen and a few more tiny little characters, but we'll learn about them later.

The black hen was of a persuasion that believed in sitting on a clutch of eggs for an extended period of time with the firm hope that this would result in baby chicks hatching.