It's a Bird! It's a Pain! It's Super Guinea!

“The only thing more stupid than guineas are people who try to raise them!,” muttered my husband, Mike. We were tromping through a wooded shelter belt, dodging scratchy branches and wading through long-fallen leaves searching for our scattered flock of guinea fowl. It appeared that eight weeks of pampering and nurturing was leaving and had no intention of coming back! Fortunately an agile neighbor girl helped us to corral the birds and herd them back to an enclosed pen.

Guinea fowl are interesting birds. Originally from Africa, they have been domesticated, but have not totally lost their wildness.

A Quilt is a Memory

Look at some of the beautiful, exquisite quilts made today and you will be awed. Intricate applique, precision shapes and carefully coordinated fabrics make artistic masterpieces.

Make Your Own Granola!

No need to pay big bucks at the grocery store for boxed granola when you can easily make your own with healthy, quality ingredients and just a little bit of effort. Granola tastes great with crunchy whole grain goodness and the fiber that you know you need. Eat it with milk or yogurt for breakfast. I like to sprinkle it over homemade pudding. The recipe is easily adaptable to your preferences so feel free to make substitutions with starred ingredients.

Here are the simple ingredients that I use:

The Big Tree: A Memoir

On the once treeless prairie of Kansas, a giant cottonwood tree grew in a remote cow pasture. My grandfather, A.R. Epp, loved the rugged beauty of the rolling sand hills and so he considered it an honor to have such a tree on his land.