A Kansas Country Garden: Meet Cinco and Mayo

Cinco and Mayo are welcome additions. 
Yellow miniature iris are the first iris to bloom.
First of all, I'd like to introduce Cinco and Mayo our long awaited baby goats born of course on Sunday, May 5. Cinco is a little boy who looks like his daddy while Mayo is a little girl who looks like her mama. New life is just plain amazing whether we're talking about plants and flowers in the garden or animals in the barnyard.

Only few white tulips bloomed this year.

Candytuft, or iberis have a long bloom.
I was ready to cut this crabapple tree down because it didn't bloom. My sister had such a pretty crabapple tree and this was a runner that I transplanted. I understand that is rarely successful. Still, there is a pretty good bloom this year when many trees are not blooming well due to late freezes. I may keep it after all. 

The fill dirt used when the road was resurfaced several years ago was full of Star of Bethlehem bulbs. What a fun surprise. When they are done blooming, they will be mowed. But they always return. 
Star of Bethlehem bloom near the woodpile. 

Can't help but feel quite rich to have a handful of beautiful fresh asparagus.

I've planted a few packets of seeds in egg carton lids and kept them under lights. 


  1. Beautiful pics--glad u didn't cut down the crabapple--it's lovely!
    And Cinco and Mayo..how adorable! I love to watch baby goats hop, skip and jump all over the place--just makes you giggle!

  2. Those little kids are so cute I had tears in my eyes. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for your lovely pictures.
    Hope you will bring this over to What'd You Do This Weekend. This is truly an amazing weekend event.



  3. Love the little kids. Thanks for sharing. It is September 12 today, and we have had a little frost in the Denver metro areas last night. Yep....it's still summer... Very strange. I'll see what damage we have to the annuals later today. I brought in a bunch last night and covered what I really wanted to protect.


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