A Kansas Country Garden: Fourth Week of April

The Flowering Plum shrub will have burgundy leaves.

The delicate, sweet scent of the flowering Plum tree adds a delightful fragrance to the garden. Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Such moments in the garden should be cherished.
It is not only humans who enjoy this shrub. If you look closely at the top photograph you may be able to see the honey bees who flock to this shrub. A faint hum tells me that they are quite happy here. And so am I. 

A few red tulips are still blooming.
The frilly blooms of the Almond Bush are a very pale pink. 
The crabapple tree does bloom this year! Due to late freezes it appears that the redbud trees will not. There may be a few lilac blooms, but many of those shrubs were also affected by the freezes.
The star of Bethlehem flower opens only in the sunlight.
A year ago, the roses were blooming! Spring was much further along than this year. Click here to see the Fourth Week of April 2012.
We'll have to wait for roses this year. Last year we were already enjoying roses.

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  1. I wrote just the same thing in my blog. We are about a month behind where we were this time last year. Love the tulips with the fence behind them. Great pictures

    Thanks for sharing with Tumbleweed Contessa.



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