A Kansas Country Garden: Icy April (Second Week)

Heads are bowed.
Grape hyacinth are encased in ice.
Spring took a little break this week. The temperature dropped. The lightning flashed, the thunder rolled and icy rain fell. It was awful in both senses of the word.  The damage! The beauty! In April! 
Green grass crunched as you walked over it.

I went ahead and picked this asparagus, rinsed off the ice and steamed them anyway. They tasted fine.

Crabapple buds are covered with ice. I'm not sure if they will go ahead and bloom or not.

The grape hyacinth recovered well from the ice.
Blue skies and white blooms. The Bradford pear tree begins to bloom.
A few daffodils continue to bloom.
In 2012, spring was really here:

A year ago during the Second week of April this columbine was blooming. Click here to see more

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