Martha is a Mama

A country garden is not a silent garden. Very early, as dawn breaks, the birds begin a symphony. Who knew there were so many? From the sounds of it, they are all happy to be alive. From the chicken pen we can hear contented clucking. The evening closes with an intense chorus of frogs. Recent rains have restored their pond and they are delighted. They're telling everyone in a volume so loud, you can still hear them inside with the windows closed. But until recently there was a sound that was missing.

Beautiful Name

A Kansas Country Garden

May 2015

After several meager years this  Dave Austin rose, Heritage, is in top form this season. 

May Bursts Forth in a Crescendo of Life

Kansas Country Garden

May 2015

Poppies and iris are a May delight.
There is nothing dull or boring with the month of May. Instead it bursts forth in a crescendo of life.