Beautiful Name

A Kansas Country Garden

May 2015

After several meager years this  Dave Austin rose, Heritage, is in top form this season. 

This David Austin rose has a wonderful scent.
Amid cool days and rainy weather,  the first flush of roses begins. Some of the plants in the garden seem to be waiting for sunny days. Not these roses. They are exuberantly celebrating the season whether it feels like spring or not! 

This simple flower, Rosa eglanteria, has a lovely scent (even the foliage!).
Some of the rose bushes will continue to bloom a bit over the summer and into the fall. But they will not be this lush. Until next spring. 

This is a common, nearly wild rose found in many country gardens.

Today I am thinking of all the dear people who share the name "Rose".  It's easy to see why a parent would pick that name to bestow on a sweet baby girl. Beautiful, generous and well-loved--it's what every parent desires for their daughter. So here's to the lovelies who embody the name they bear: 
My mother, Lillian Rose (now with Jesus)
My step-mother, Rose
My niece, Emilee Rose 
My great-niece, Kalla Rose 
My cousin, Sharon Rose

This is a case where a grafted rose came up from it's root stock, and its okay.

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