Who knew all the adventure and drama that awaited us when guinea fowl became a part of our lives. Click on the red titles to read their ongoing story. 
It's a Bird! It's a Pain! It's Super Guinea!
Parenting Problems
All Good Things
Lonely No Longer
Come Back, Martha!
It's a Wet August (Martha Returns)
Is This a Good Thing?
Love is in the Air! 
Martha is a Mama 

Why have a lawn mower when you can have goats?
Meet Cinco and Mayo

We'd like to thank our chickens for giving us all those beautiful eggs and providing a little entertainment once in awhile, not to mention taking care of all our kitchen scraps. Kind of handy to have around! Click on the red titles to learn more.

A Dozen Egg Yolks
A Dozen Egg Whites

The Adventure of Getting Kitty (Part 1)
The Adventure of Taming Kitty (Part 2)

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