Sweet Baby Goats

Spring brings new life. Grass grows. Flowers bloom. Easter is celebrated. 

Into all this newness, our baby goats arrived. 

On the Thursday before Easter our first kid was born to the matriarch of our little herd, Mayo. She sure looks like her mama! We named her Maundy. 

The black headed twins made their appearance on Friday. Pretty Juno gave birth to a female and our only male. Their names? Goodie and Friday. 

A nice, quiet hiding spot to nap
On Easter Sunday the twin girls arrived. Their mother, Bertha, is a good, experienced mother. After a bit of debate, we've named them Agnus and Easter. 

Mayo (Mike calls her "Queenie) is large and in charge of the herd. Always first to eat, she rules the others with a stern head butt. Born in 2013, she has not given birth in recent years so we were delighted when she did this year. 

The kids enjoy hanging out together while their mothers graze. They are all half-siblings, sharing the same father. 

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