End-of-June Flower Garden

A Kansas Country Garden

June has been a lovely month and I can't help feeling a little sad to see it go. On this last day of June let's take a moment to stroll through the gardens. There's always something there to cheer us up. 

Like daylilies!

 So many colors and varieties! 

And there are more to come. 

And sunflowers!

Planted by the birds, an abundance of sunflowers border the vegetable garden and the chicken pen. 

Then there's 
Gaillardia, the blanket flowers with their cheerful faces.

The self-seeding larkspur next to the hydrangea shrub bring a smile. 

Lovely portulaca (moss rose and purslane) fill containers.

These sturdy, heat-loving annuals are some of few annuals I purchase every year. 

I was surprised to learn that I really like the orange and pink color combination and plant it every year. 

Old-fashioned Hollyhocks and phlox perk up the garden.


Morning Glory meanders up the pergola above the potted plants.

Everywhere we look, there are more flowers and more reasons to smile. 
Rose of Sharon

Elderberry flower


Purple coneflower

As we bid good-bye to the June garden, it's nice to know that tomorrow, these will all be July flowers. 
Looking toward the vegetable garden


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