Family and Friends

What a wonderful gift our family is! What a rich heritage we enjoy. Here are some of the stories of our family (click on the red title to go to the story):
Our grandparents loved The Big Tree.

The Big Tree

The Life Story of My Grandmother, Eva Becker Schroeder:
Part 1: The Early Years
Part 2: Homesteading in Montana
Part 3: The Great Depression
Part 4: Minnesota Years
Part 5: Growing Old

He Prayed for Me: Jacob B. Becker (1868-1848)

A Quilt is a Memory

End of an Era - memories of hay harvest

I Want to Grow Old Like Rose - we were blessed when Rose joined our family

They Came From Norka - my great-grandparents were born in Norka, Russia 

Found: A Letter to Cherish - Grandma wrote Grandpa a love letter

Old Grandpa John Schroeder - our ancestor who came from Prussia

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