A Kansas Country Garden: The Back Third

This faithful cultivator has seen generations of use and has not been improved upon.
Welcome to the back third of our property. I don't often take you there because that's where the vegetable garden, barn and chickens reside and personally I don't find it as attractive as the flowers. Not everyone agrees I know. Also it is the domain of the hardworking guy shown in the photo so I really can't take credit for much of what you see although I do play a small role in the planting and harvesting with a larger role in  preparing and preserving of the bounty. The weeding, though, is all him and an admirable job he does. 
There is beauty in the vegetable garden.

"Just Enough" Sandwich Bun Recipe Makes Just Enough

Here's the problem with most recipes for sandwich (or hamburger) buns. They make too many. Dozens of buns. That's great if you're having a party or a family reunion, but what if its just ma and pa on the old homestead? Throw in a kid or two if you want and that's still a lot of buns. 

A Kansas Country Garden: Held Hostage

A welcome visitor on the Verbena bonariensis
The weather is balmy and pleasant. The garden is thriving, but so are the weeds. I'm on summer break with the luxury of a little extra time. There's plenty to do in the garden (and you know I love working in the garden), but I'm not spending much time there. The curse of the hungry mosquitoes is holding me hostage.

A Few of the Things I Appreciate About My Dad

Daddy and me
This is the man I am blessed to call my dad. Yes, he's a good man and here are a few of the things I appreciate about him. It is not a complete list. 

1. He is a man of great integrity.  

My dad lives is a world of black and white. No shades of grey here. But what he believes is what he lives. Paid your grandson a dollar over the minimum for income tax reporting? Well, of course that form is going to be filled out.

A Kansas Country Garden: After the Rain

Rain is a good thing.

Raindrops cling to the lovely lilies.
Few gardeners complain about the rain. None in Kansas, I'm pretty sure. Not after suffering through several summers of drought and scorching heat.  So when the sky clouds over and thunder begins to rumble as it has been doing lately, that's a good thing.