A Kansas Country Garden: Held Hostage

A welcome visitor on the Verbena bonariensis
The weather is balmy and pleasant. The garden is thriving, but so are the weeds. I'm on summer break with the luxury of a little extra time. There's plenty to do in the garden (and you know I love working in the garden), but I'm not spending much time there. The curse of the hungry mosquitoes is holding me hostage.

Sunlight glistens through the Stella d'oro Daylily.

We have been blessed this summer with wonderful rain. Truly it is a blessing and I'm absolutely not complaining. It's just that after a lot of rain, especially in our location where there seems to be a lot of standing water, mosquitoes soon appear. They come in swarms. This is more than just an occasional pesky bite. No, a single swat on an exposed arm or leg might result five or six corpses with an equal number ready to take their place.

This David Austin Rose (variety unknown) is always lovely.
Working outside requires proper attire. Yesterday I put on my jeans, pulled out a long-sleeved denim shirt and turned the collar up and plopped a hat on my head. I sprayed the whole get-up with insect repellant and pulled on my garden gloves. Only my face was exposed and it wasn't too bad. A brisk wind also helped minimize the mosquitoes. It was great to make a little dent in my weeding.
These alliums (Allium sphaerocephalon) are just plain fun as their lollipop tops sway in the wind.

Allium add interest to the garden.
 I love the ebb and flow of the garden. Something is always changing. One flower variety finishes its burst of bloom while another one begins. The mosquitoes won't be this bad indefinitely. Hot, dry weather is no doubt ahead. Perhaps the mosquitoes will all die and butterflies will take their place. Then I will no longer be held hostage.

This Blackeyed Susan was nearly destroyed by worms, but has recovered well.

The bright yellow bloom of this sedum contrasts with these blue flowers.

Larkspur blooms in a new place by the privacy fence.

Old fashioned vibrant orange daylilies are beautiful to behold.
Daylilies come in various colors and heights.

It suddenly hit me when I saw these lilies that I don't have very many red flowers.


  1. Your garden is really beautiful, I love the daylilies, but the whole garden looks really special.

  2. The allium in this blog are Allium sphaerocephalon. Drumstick allium. Just lovely.

    1. Thanks for the help in identifying these allium. I have had them for many years and keep distributing around the garden. Love them!


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