Someone Else Had It First

Lilies grace a garage sale bird bath. 
Good garden accessories (yard art!) enhance the beauty of the plants and flowers in the garden.  Options abound. Selections vary from practical to whimsical. It is the gardeners prerogative to choose what best reflects their interests and personality. 

 I loved these terracotta pots the moment I saw them.

Unless. . . 

Unless you happen to be married to the Garage Sale King.  Yes, that is my lot in life. (I know I told you that I was married to the Chicken Policeman but don't worry, it's the same multi-talented guy).  He loves garage sales and I don't think he's gone a week without visiting at least one. 

This arbor was a $5 find. A few pieces were missing, but adaptions were made.  

Things appear at my house. Garden accessories. Containers of various sizes and composition.  Garage sale finds. Sometimes they are cool. But not always. Sometimes they are not something I would have chosen. 
Our most recent acquisition is this graceful birdbath. 

Often, though,  I am amazed at his exquisite taste.

There is a secondary art of taking what you have and finding a place for it. I think my mom called it "making do". 

A huge aloe vera spills from a huge terracotta pot. 

It occurred to me this morning as I strolled through the garden that nearly every garden accessory we have once belonged to someone else. 

Who rejected it. 

According to the former owners, these chairs appeared in the movie Picnic.

The farm implement was my grandfather's but the tank was a find. 

Well, they aren't rejected now. Now they have a place and a home. 

If you look closely there may be a life lesson here

I had been longing for a tree bench and Mike found one at a garage sale. 

Just because something isn't wanted or needed doesn't negate its value. 

Didn't know I wanted a sundial, but I have one!

That's true about more than just "things", isn't it?

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’


  1. Bev, Your garden and garden art are spectacular! I agree it add a new dimension to the space. Thanks for the lovely pictures.



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