The Adventure of Taming Kitty (Part 2)

When we last left Kitty (Part 1) she had just escaped from the laundry room where she was supposed to be adjusting to her new home. If you haven't already, you may wish to read part 1 before continuing.

In the morning the couple searched in vain in the laundry room. They looked throughout the house. Could she be under the sofa or bed? There were lots of hiding places in their house for a cat. When they realized that the door to the storage area in the basement had been left open, the hiding places increased exponentially. They didn't find the cat. 
Kitty has lots of friends. 

Days went by. They never saw the cat. It was a bit disconcerting to know that they were sharing their house with an animal that they never saw. It was somewhere in the house they knew because the cat food was eaten and the litter box used. One day they saw a streak as the cat headed for the litter box. Minutes later there was a streak in the opposite direction...and then it was gone again. 

Days later, while searching for something in the basement storage area, she happened to see a tail on a roll of leftover carpet. She followed the tail and there was the cat.  It didn't seem to mind when she softly stroked it, but once again, it left and did not reappear.

The days became weeks and it seemed very strange to have a cat that was never seen. Who wanted this cat anyway! One night after crawling into bed, the couple heard a noise. It sounded a little like a mouse rustling, only much bigger. Perhaps a rat? Surely not! It was coming from beneath their bed. Before they could investigate there was a thud as the cat landed on their bed. 
The little girl is this photo is approaching her 16th birthday, which means Kitty must be about 15 years old.

It was a miserable night. Bouts of intermittent sleep were interrupted by a wandering cat. Over trying-to-sleep bodies she walked. Just when they thought she had settled down she was up again, this time checking out what was outside the window and walking over her face to get there. No, it was not a pleasant night, but it was the end of Kitty's life of seclusion (and also the last time she was allowed to spend the night in their bed). 

So ends the adventure of being Kitty. Oh, not the life of Kitty, but the adventure is pretty much over. She now lives a life of quiet indulgence.  An early morning nap on the heat register under the buffet is followed by a mid-morning nap in a patch of sunlight which is followed by an early afternoon nap on the sofa. Well, you get the idea. 
From her perch on the back of the sofa, Kitty can watch birds.

Occasionally she spends some time in front of the window watching birds. Judging from the lashing of her tail it is apparent that she may not be totally aware that her adventure has ended. She is, of course, in control of her own destiny and chooses when and if to interact with her humans. 

Yes, she loves to curl up on a lap occasionally and becomes the "nap enforcer" because, really, when there's a sleeping cat on your lap and the day is a little gray, you can't get up and disturb the cat, so you might as well take a nap. Truly her heart belongs only to one person; others she merely tolerates, unless, of course, they happen to be eating ice cream. Then she stares him down. 

It is 7 a.m. Kitty's humans are sleeping longer than she deems proper. She rattles the door. Once. Twice. Three times. The door swings open. Kitty's door opening ability is still intact. (Alas, her door closing abilities have never been developed.) Since her humans are now awake, she would like some breakfast. It's just another day in the now adventureless life of Kitty. 

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