Autumn Arrives in the Kansas Country Garden

Sumac has beautiful red leaves in the fall.
Welcome, Autumn! We're so glad you're here. Please make yourself at home. There's no reason to hurry off. In fact, we kind of wish you'd never go. 
Two Honey Locust trees were planted from seed by two of our sons in 2nd Grade.

Yes, we know. You can't stay too long. But, hey! You can stay longer this year than you did last year, can't you? 

Fall harvest of several pepper varieties. 
While you're here, there's a few things we need to get done. I know you don't mind helping out. 

Yes, roast your peppers!

Honey Pepper Jam is yummy!

Mostly, though, we just want to enjoy what you do for the garden. It really is spectacular.

Glorious orange berries grace the pyracantha shrub.

Interesting seedpods on the castor bean plant.

Vines grow on the patio arbor-Don't hate me, I think it might be porcelainberry. Perhaps it is a sterile variety. It was purchased at a reputable nursery and I have never had any seedlings come up. 

And when it's time for you to go? There won't be any regrets because we breathed deeply, looked closely and sat out on the patio with the laptop to write this blog post. 
Fountain grass has lovely seed heads.

A treat for the birds who planted this tree years ago.

An unexpected display-A foxglove blooms. 

Gomphrena are reaching the end of their season. 

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