A Kansas Country Garden in 2013

I have spent a delightful end-of-the-year afternoon reviewing and reflecting on my 2013 garden. How easily both the highs and lows of a gardening season are forgotten! I am thankful for this little blog which has become a great way to record happenings. Would you like to join me and we look back over a very blessed year? If you would like to see more photos or read additional information, the caption under each photo is a link back the to original post. Here's a toast to gardening! Every year brings surprises and delights!

Crocus are always the first to bloom bringing hope of winter's end.
The crocus were soon covered by a foot of snow!
The daffodil season began in March
Due to a cooler spring, the daffodils had a much longer bloom time.
Spring finally settles in
Nothing says "Kansas" like our glorious sunflowers.
Autumn Joy Sedum is one of my favorite plants. It looks good in all seasons, even winter, but it really shines in the fall.
Brilliant berries on the pyracantha bush help bid a fond farewell to the gardening season. 

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