Governor's Cookie Jar: Fair Contest

I have not ridden on any of the carnival rides at the state fair for many years, but entering the Governor's Cookie Jar competition felt at little like a roller coaster ride. I sent off the cookie jar on Friday morning with high hopes. I felt like I had given it my best shot and there were some really good cookies in there. Surely I had as good a chance as anybody. 

Since the entries were due by noon, I imagined that they would be judged that afternoon. No doubt the winner would be notified by phone. Saturday morning I headed off to my weekend job at the fair bright and early and feeling quite sure that I had not placed. But when I checked after I got off around 10 a.m., I discovered that the cookie jars had not been judged yet. Hope rose again. 

It was a blazing hot day. My sister and I browsed through the fair, returning now and then to check if judging had been completed. It had not. We ate lunch and checked again. Nope, not yet. Another round through some exhibits and then we headed back again. We were drooping in the heat and walking wearily. No ribbons yet, but the judges were gone from their tables and it appeared they might be done. However, we were beat and decided to head home and come back later. As we left I saw my cookie jar. It had been placed front and center in the display case. Hope soared.

The winners (top shelf). My apologies for quality of the photograph.
I did not return to the fair until the next day. I worked my early morning shift and then headed for the Domestic Arts Building. My cookie jar was no longer front and center in the display case. Instead three other jars stood there with first, second and third place ribbons attached. Around the corner in the display case I found my cookie jar with a brightly colored participation ribbon attached. I had not placed. 
My cookie jar, top by the number, with other cookie jars in the competition.

Was I disappointed? Of course.  As I left the building I could hear a hymn being sung. A church service was taking place in a nearby arena. I walked over, climbed in the stands and joined the singing. The older gentleman sitting behind me had a strong baritone voice and sang with great enthusiasm. Worshipping with a group of good hearted strangers quickly put my disappointment into perspective. 

I do not regret participating in the competition, although I do not anticipate trying again (Too. Much. Sugar).  I do not often push myself outside of my very comfortable life.  This pushed me. Next year when I walk by the cookies jars in the display case I won't have to sigh and think, I could do that. I have done it. Check that one off my bucket list.

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  1. I am so totally proud of you, Bev! You really stretched yourself & dared to be creatively brave! Your jar was just fabulous! So fun & festive. It made me smile. Can't wait to try some of those recipes! Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!

  2. I applaud you for entering this contest, Bev! You are an encouragement to stretch beyond our comfort zones. I enjoyed reading about the experience!


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