A Kansas Country Garden: Surprise! It's a Wet August

Beautiful "surprise" lilies make an unexpected appearance.
Too much rain? In Kansas? In August? Surprise! That's just what we have experienced. After two years of drought and excessive heat, it has been wonderful to have adequate rain and milder temperatures this summer. The gardens have thrived.

Surprise lilies, Lycoris squamigera, bloom among the apple mint.
Hibiscus just keep producing.
and producing

However, several back to back thunderstorms, including a deluge that dropped six inches of rain amid ear-splitting thunder in a single night, have thoroughly drenched the soil in our area. The result is a great deal of flooding. Many roads are closed. Basements have been flooded causing costly, mostly uninsured damage.

There's been some difficult days for a lot of people. Meanwhile, the frogs are singing and the mosquitoes are taking hostages! There is still a part of me that loves a rainy day, but right now a dry day is cause for celebration.

and producing.
 The flowers know nothing of closed roads and flooded basements. They just do what they were meant to do. They bloom.

The last few years the phlox bloom has been sparse.but it is enjoying the extra moisture this year.

Cheerful yellow blossoms from an unknown "pass along" plant.

I love the pure white bloom of this Rose of Sharon.

I am learning to appreciate the bloom of this vivid day lily.

I am sharing my parsley with this heavy eater. My reward will be the butterflies.
 And in other news--She's back!!
Remember Martha? Our lone surviving guinea was missing and feared gone forever. Now she's back. And just in time. There's lots of mosquitoes to eat, Martha!
Another surprise! Martha has been laying her eggs under the rose bush right next to the house. This is an exercise in futility, though, since Martha is a single gal. 

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  1. Beautiful flowers always delight the senses. Your photos are just perfect. thank you for sharing.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa


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