A Kansas Country Garden: Third and Fourth Weeks of March

Is there a more cheerful flower than the daffodil? Or one that shouts louder, "Spring is here!"?  And spring is here. Reason enough to celebrate. Soon Easter will be here. An even better reason to celebrate.

Plant daffodils once and you can enjoy them forever!

Heads are bowed slightly after an unexpected cold snap.

These are miniature daffodils, one of the first to bloom.
If daffodils become crowded, dig them after the foliage dries, divide and replant.
Every variety of daffodil is lovely.
Purple crocus follow the lavender and yellow varieties.
Can't wait to get the vegetable garden started.

A year ago, spring was a little further along. The tulips and trees were already blooming. Click here to see what was blooming a year ago in our garden.

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