A Kansas Country Garden - First Week of July

Tiger Lilies are brilliant orange with black dots and are easy to grow.
Hibiscus is a fine companion to the Tiger Lilies.
Daylilies bloom in front of the oregano, hibiscus and tiger lilies.
A bee on the oregano flower. Photos of insects are a challenge!
On a warm afternoon, there is a hum emanating from the garden. An amazing array of insects are finding nectar in the flowers. First choice among the insects seems to be the oregano which is a bit surprising since the flowers are small and not particularly showy. Bumble bees, honey bees and many others bees which I can't identify are enjoying the garden. Some are very tiny. Some look a little like flies, but something tells me they are really bees, too. Some bees seem to have preferences. A certain kind of bee will congregate on a certain kind of flower while another kind of bee chooses a different one. There are wasps, too. Sometimes human visitors are a bit alarmed by all the insect activity. "Are you a flower?", I asked a squealing little girl. "Because that's all the bees want." 
Early morning in the garden. Russian Sage is a tall and sturdy plant.
Enjoy the "triplets" today for tomorrow they'll be gone.
A single hibiscus purchased many years ago has been divided quite a few times and planted all over the gardens.

Apple Mint has begun its angular bloom. Apple Mint is a spreader like all mints.
I prefer the simple single orange daylily  to its double counterpart.
Soft yellow blooms of a happy daylily.
This one is a light peach color.
Butterfly weed reblooms. The purple flower is verbena, a favorite found throughout the garden.
In front of the house a wild white "flower" has taken over. It adds an architectural  interest as they sway in the wind. These plants came by way of a fall bouquet picked from my dad's pasture and shaken out in the garden. Perhaps not the wisest way to garden, but I'm okay with it.
One of my few annual purchases this year is the lovely lantana which is more red than orange.

 Lots of Veggies
Tomatoes on every sandwich!

 We just have a few okra plants so we haven't had enough for a meal.
Squash blooms are quite pretty.

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