A Kansas Country Garden- Third Week of June

A favorite combination; Salmon Daylily, Russian Sage and Sea Lavender.
You only have one day to enjoy this bloom.
In the summer garden, day lilies abound. As the buds form, I try to give the plant an extra dose of water and the reward is beautiful blooms.

Cherish each bloom for they last only a day, but there are more to follow.

A lovely pale yellow daylily.
Another in lovely shade of peach.
Perhaps my least favorite daylily, a double orange. Making a note where these are planted so next spring, I don't divide and plant them everywhere.
Who doesn't love an old-fashioned hollyhock?
The allium seem to glow in day's early light.
A summer annual, cleome will bloom most of the season.
Dahlberg Daisy is a little but mighty plant-love its cheerful blooms
A bee visits the Rose of Sharon shrub.
And now the hibiscus begins their bloom.
Yes, we will have ripe tomatoes by July 4th! We beat the deadline by a week.
Hoping for a long season of summer squash.

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