A Kansas Country Garden - Third Week of May

Many years ago I transplanted a few larkspur from my mother's garden. In her garden they were always blue and in the beginning they were always blue in my garden, too. A few years ago, they began to mutate and now some are a pinkish color or white in addition to the blue. At first, I pulled up the new colors, but soon gave up. I'll take them all, but I will still think of mom when I see the blue ones.
I love the cheerful "baby daisy" look of  Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium.
Pink "Fairy" roses contrast with these purple/blue bell-like flowers.
You never know just where larkspur might decide to bloom.
Yellow yarrow has begun its bloom and in the distance you can see the pink Missouri Primrose, one of my favorite flowers, also just beginning its bloom time.
A Heritage David Austin rose is last of the first flush of rose blooms.
 Blue Love-in-a-mist, nigella damascena is a nice companion to the feverfew.
A beautiful "true blue" shade, love-in-a-mist, nigella damascena, also has an attractive seed pod and self sows.
Sweet scented honeysuckle blooms by the mailbox.

Verbena bonariensis is a tall, leggy, swaying flower. It often overwinters and self seeds, a great country garden addition.
In the Vegetable Garden
Nothing quite compares with new potatoes, fresh out of the garden and eaten on the same day that they were dug. We had our first this week.

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