A Kansas Country Garden: June Is Over

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we have a little red, white and blue from the lilies and larkspur in the garden. (Although I don't think they will still be blooming on Thursday.

Hurray for the red, white and blue!
To our country we'll always be true.
When its honor fails, 
Our hope still prevails
In the God who can make all things new.

Self seeded sunflowers bloom by the vegetable garden.
Happy hollyhocks bring a splash of sunshiney yellow to the garden.

Red Hot Poker Flower (Kniphofia Uvaria) look a little like scrub brushes.

The beginning of several weeks of bloom from rudbeckia and galliardia. 

Butterfly weed ( Asclepias) and larkspur are bright spots in this neglected garden.

Nodding allium are blooming throughout the gardens. 

A hodgepodge of flowers.

My grandfather used this milk can.

Elderberries are blooming. I must figure out how to use them.

The squash are coming! The squash are coming!

The first ripe tomato! Looks like it may be a while before the next one.

The lovely view across the road. What is it about round bales of hay that is so peaceful?
Would you like the lower leaves of your trees trimmed? Cinco and Buddy will be happy to do it if they like the leaves. Mayo seems to headed in a different direction.

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