A Kansas Country Garden: Jubilant July

Nothing says Kansas like our glorious sunflowers!
A favorite combo: day lilies with sea lavender, Limonium platyphyllum.
Things are heating up! This is Kansas and summers in Kansas are hot. June had some hot days, but many of the days were relatively mild. What a blessing! But July is a blessing too.

The wind is blowing, the temperature is rising and the air conditioner is humming.
Russian sage begins to bloom in the background.
Each evening or morning you'll find me in the garden watering.  Most established plants are on their own, but new plantings, blooming flowers and plants in containers get a daily drink. There will be no new plantings in this heat.

Maintenance in the garden means pulling a few weeds, keeping a vigilant eye for the ever encroaching bermuda grass which is never fazed, no matter how hot it gets. I also deadhead spent blooms, sometimes distributing them to places where I would mind some volunteer seedlings next year.
This is a new day lily, a gift from a friend's garden.

Day lilies have so many variations.

Vivid orange makes a bold statement.

Yellow day lilies blooms by the fence.

A bee visits a zinnia.

Gold yarrow, Achillea filipendulina, blooms near an old farm implement.

The Rose of Sharon shrub has a pure white flower.

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