Family and Friends

What a wonderful gift our family is! What a rich heritage we enjoy. Here are some of the stories of our family (click on the red title to go to the story):
Our grandparents loved The Big Tree.

The Big Tree

The Life Story of My Grandmother, Eva Becker Schroeder:
Part 1: The Early Years
Part 2: Homesteading in Montana
Part 3: The Great Depression
Part 4: Minnesota Years
Part 5: Growing Old

He Prayed for Me: Jacob B. Becker (1868-1848)

A Quilt is a Memory

End of an Era - memories of hay harvest

Our Family Game is Scrabble

Mother to Mother

A Few of the Things I Appreciate about My Dad

Parents and Peppernuts (Thanks to Grace Children's Home)

The Old Buffet

Lonely No Longer (though this story is about our guineas, it includes some family history.)

Bloom Brightly til Winter Comes

Cookbooks I Have Loved

Only on Sunday: Mother-in-law Meatloaf

Dad's Farm Truck is Fried

A Wonderful Holiday

An Autumn Wedding: Blessings and Bouquets
The Bride Loves Sunflowers: Boutonnieres for an Autumn Wedding
You Don't Forget Your Wedding Gifts

Governor's Cookie Jar
Gonna Do It!
Bake and Take
Fair Contest
The Recipes

Sing a Thanksgiving Song

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