Come Back, Martha!: A Tale of Our Guinea Fowl

When we last left Hank, Jr. and Edna they had raised six keets (baby guineas) nearly to adulthood. You remember Hank, Jr. and Edna don't you? They were our bug-eating pair of guineas who overcame great difficulty to raise a little family in our suburban acreage.

A Kansas Country Garden: Mid-June

The scent of this David Austin rose is just as lovely as the rose itself.
Stella D'oro day lilies and catmint is a long lasting combination.
Hollyhocks begin to bloom.
Here's to June in Kansas--the days are long, the wind is wild, the wheat is golden and the skies are blue. It is a pretty nice place to be.

Prize-Winning Brownies

The only problem with going to the 4-H Fair your very first year with three or four entries and bringing home all purple ribbons and even one that says "Champion" is that its really hard to top or even match your success the next year.

A Kansas Country Garden: June Begins

I didn't plan it, but dark purple clustered bell flower, Campanula glomerata, and the magenta never planted wildflower, Winecup (also called Prairie Rose or Callirhoe involucrata) have an attractive color combination. 

Yellow centers of Shasta Daisies match the Golden Yarrow.

What interesting color combinations are found in the garden. A few are planned. Many are not.

A Kansas Country Garden: May Comes to an Enchanting End

An old-fashioned, rather wild rose blooms once a year and has a lovely scent.
Please don't eat my roses, Buddy!
Is there another month as lovely as May? In my garden it is a time of pinks and purples in abundance. The sweet, delicate scent of roses waifs through the garden.