A Kansas Country Garden: Mid-May

Poppies bring a brilliant and brief bloom.

Beginnings. Endings. Spring brings them both. A flower blooms and then fades.
For many of our spring perennials, the bloom time is very brief.  It makes no sense to mourn their passing. There will soon be other flowers to take their place. But it does speak to my soul about receiving the moments and seeing the beauty with gratitude and joy. 

“All flesh is like grass
    and all its glory like the flower of grass.
The grass withers,
    and the flower falls,  but the word of the Lord remains forever.”
1 Peter 1:24-25a ESV
Columbine bloom on the north side of the house.
The wind wrecks havoc on the paper thin petals.
Dame's Rocket, Hesperis matronalis, is sweet scented and can become invasive.
I love the round balls of allium which add a touch of elegance to the garden.
Columbine prefer light shade.

A photograph cannot do justice to these dark purple irises.

This white iris was a gift from a friend.

Stately iris bloom by the fence.
A wren has taken up residence in this birdhouse, made from a gourd and a gift from my sister.
A beginning--Buddy, just minutes after his birth.
An ending--Alas, we have lost our dear Edna.

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  1. Not only are you a beautiful photographer you have a wonderful flowers and scenery.

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