A Kansas Country Garden: Early May

Lilac bloom was sparse, but still lovely. And I love our Kansas skies!

A new planting of miniature iris bloom by the fence.
There's nothing like the scent of the lilac.
Balmy May days are some the of the best of the year. Lovely May flowers are a treasure, too.

Candytuff, iberis, makes a cloud of white in the garden.

Cinco and Mayo are active and growing.

Ready for a snack.

Last year's perfect rose.
A year ago. . . .
In 2012, the roses were in their splendor. And I was doing battle with army worms (yuck!).

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  1. Cinco and Mayo have certainly grown. Cute. Your flowers are lovely. I hope you will bring this over to What'd You Do This Weekend? I'm collecting a lot of beautiful garden links from you.

    Wishes for tasty dishes and beauty in the garden,



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