A Kansas Country Garden - Second Week of July

Sunflowers tower over the vegetable garden and attract hungry birds.
A mystery plant, aka as a wildflower, this plant grew where I planted the parsley and was the lone survivor after bunnies helped themselves. I protected it under a wire cage and though the leaves are similar, I was surprised to find that it wasn't parsley after all.

Verbena bonariensis (the purple flower) is a wonderful addition to any Kansas garden. It has a long bloom season, often overwinters or drops seed, and its tall, leggy flowers sway in the wind and add interest to the garden.

Yellow hollyhocks glow in early light.
Pink Missouri Primrose are reblooming.
Hollyhock, daylilies and echinop are good companions.
Morning glories have heart shaped leaves.

The hibiscus continues to bloom, but may be winding down for the year.
What a treat to go to the vegetable garden and find lots of tomatoes!
They were washed.
They were cut up and placed on the stove to cook. We have several orange tomato plants this year and I cooked some separately.
After several hours, they looked like this.
I'm not sure there is a better way to separate the juice from the seeds and skin than this old-fashioned cone shaped strainer.
Twenty-four pints of home canned tomato sauce!

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