A Kansas Country Garden - Fourth Week of June

The phlox are just beginning their bloom and attracted this swallowtail butterfly.
What a beautiful butterfly!
The key word for this week is hot. Horrendously hot. Get your outside work done before 10 a.m. hot. Water everyday hot. Yes, it is hot. It is summer in Kansas after all.


This simple, soft yellow daylily is lovely.
Strawberry Fields Gomphrena self sow in my garden have just begun to bloom. A peach daylily blooms in the background.
Russian Sage doesn't seem to mind the heat. It's a sturdy plant.
The butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) in the foreground has begun its second bloom of the season.

This Hibiscus is simple and sweet.
I have divided and replanted this hibiscus in many places throughout the gardens.
This volunteer sunflower picked a nice spot next to the vegetable garden to grow. The flower is very small in proportion to the plant. It may be time to plant seeds next year.
Squash for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I love squash, but I can't do that either. If you're looking for ideas of what to do with squash, here are a few suggestions from an earlier blog.
Flowers and stalks silhouetted in the evening sky.


  1. Beautiful as always, Bev! So sorry to hear about Hank. I have a question; in your 4th photo on this weeks blog, what is the silver plant in the foreground? I have this plant, it's almost like a mid-size ground cover and has spread very aggressively. I am getting ready to re-do one of my beds and need to move it out and wasn't sure what I should do with it. Thanks in advance for your help!


  2. Dana, that plant is Silver Queen Artemisia. It is indeed quite a spreader. I added it to the garden during my "flower drying" days and it made a wonderful base for dried flower wreathes. As far as getting rid of it, I pull it out by the handfuls and don't worry a bit that I've hurt it any. You may have to get out the round-up, but I've never tried that on it. Good luck!


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