A Kansas Country Garden - First Week of June

This allium (possibly allium atropurpueum) is always blooming on June 13. Many of the garden flowers are very early this year and I anticipated that these allium would be as well. For several weeks already they have boasted green spheres which have only blushed to purple in the last week. It appears that they will again be blooming on June 13. 

June 13 is significant because it is the birthday of our second son. I only made the connection between these flowers and his birthday because at one of his birthday parties all the blooms were plucked by a herd of little boys who proceeded to pelt each other with them! That was the end of the flowers that year. 

Despite the shenanigans of young boys, these allium have done well over the years and multiplied. I have placed them throughout the garden. Graceful globes nodding the the breeze give a lovely look to the garden.
I am always happy to see our guineas in the flower garden. They take care of most of our insect problems.This is Hank.
Cleome, or Spider Flower is one of my favorites. It is known as a reseeding annual, but seldom reseeds in my garden. I purchased these as bedding plants. They should grow quite tall, but have begun blooming at 12 inches.
This lovely Rose of Sharon shrub was a gift from my mother-in-law, This is its best year so far.
Blackeyed Susan bloom along with larkspur(finishing up their bloom) and several wild flowers.
Good planning probably wouldn't have placed a pink hollyhock next to an orange daylily, but I rather like the combination.
The garden at dawn. If you look closely at the left side of the photo you can see our guinea, Hank, busy on bug patrol.
The Elderberry Bush has a lacy bloom.
Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, has a long bloom time.
Still looking for those bugs. Please don't eat the butterflies or bees, Hank and Edna!
Sedum with a brilliant bloom
Old fashioned Hollyhocks are always welcome in my garden.
Sweetpeas climb on the arbor over the patio.
The lilies finished up this week. See you next year!ww
Off they go in search of more bugs. Or maybe they'll stop to enjoy their reflections in the glass at the front door. Have fun, Hank and Edna! To read more about our guineas, check out these links: It's a bird! It's a pain! or Parenting Problems

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