A Kansas Country Garden - Fifth Week of May

The exquisite beauty of a lily is breathtaking.
When the rains come, the garden rejoices! This week the rains came. The skies opened and water gushed down in torrents. It was not a gentle rain. There was some hail, but not major damage in our garden. 

Somehow I thought lilies would be more difficult than they are to grow. They seem happy in the corner of the garden are beginning to multiply.

A good rain revives the garden. It almost seems that you if watched and waited for just a little longer, you could see the seeds sprout and the plants grow. That includes the weeds, too, of course. But how much easier weeding is after a rain. Grasp a weed and pull and out it comes, roots and all, never again to infringe where it should not.

White lilies are stunning.
Spiritually speaking, we could all use a good rain. Don't you long for a reviving rain? One that brings new growth and allows you to blossom and thrive?  And then maybe it would be a good time to tackle some of those pesky weeds infringing in our lives and banish them forever. Even so, come, Lord Jesus, our Living Water! 
Pink Missouri Primrose are a good companion to the larkspur.
Daylilies, both tall and short bloom along with mullein and yellow yarrow.
The opposite view of the same flowers shown above.
If you look closely you can see a butterfly on the butterfly weed.
Lavender has a distinct scent. I've had trouble keeping it alive, but I may have found the right spot for it as this plant has been alive for several years,
Lovely larkspur comes up here and there, wherever it chooses.

Vivid purple Morning Glory bloom by the patio.

In the Vegetable Garden
Last year's onions are blooming. They actually make a pretty nice cut flower.

After last year with no homegrown tomatoes, it is wonderful to see tomatoes start to set on. Will we have ripe tomatoes by July 4th?

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