Welcome Spring!

The snowball bush is heavy with lush blooms.
Spring has been a bit timid this year. Just when it seems the weather is settled, there's a cold snap and we're back in the house again. 

Sunny yellow tulips brighten the day. 

But when we venture out again - oh, what a delight! It's just the beginning of the gardening season. There is so much more to come!

Centaurea dealbata has bloomed in my garden for many years, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Here's a look at some of our March and April flowers.

A bee visits the old fashioned spirea bush. 

The delicate blossoms of the flowering plum shrub create a haze of pink.

Chosen because of it attracts wildlife; loved because it truly is a "Beauty Bush". 

Can you smell that lovely scent? Lilacs are lovely in more ways than one!
Vivid poppies add a splash of color.

Early spring Redbud tree has a distinctive bloom. 
Each flower is lovely within the pink cloud of the crabapple tree. 

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  1. There is nothing as lovely as the colors and beauty of Spring blooms. These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.



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