Hope Springs

Crocus might begin blooming in February.
Spring is a great reminder to never give up hope. All is bleak and brown, stiff and silent, but then we begin to see glimmers of green. It's not much, but it is something. 

A bright splash of color from daffodils.
Soon, sometimes before the weather even settles, there is an eruption of vivid color.  First are the crocus. If they were not along the path the the front door, I might miss them completely because it is still pretty cold. 

Bradford Pear blooms are lovely, but the scent? Not so much.

 Donkeytail spurge are a great plant.

Cheerful yellow daffodils soon follow. They are then joined by Bradford Pear blossoms. 

Perhaps the most soothing color of spring is green. As it spreads though the lawn and gardens it brings hope for newness and growth. 

Spring is here! Aren't you glad? 

Now the hyacinth has a lovely, sweet scent.
This cushion spurge begins with this vivid burgundy/chartreuse combination, but will soon turn to lovely bluegreen with a soft texture.
The first tulips of the season
These daffodils are a softer shade of yellow.
Grape hyacinth love to multiply. 

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