May Bursts Forth in a Crescendo of Life

Kansas Country Garden

May 2015

Poppies and iris are a May delight.
There is nothing dull or boring with the month of May. Instead it bursts forth in a crescendo of life. 

Vivid orange poppies, Papaver orientale.
Our most beautiful and balmy days are interspersed among a few terrifying and trying ones as storm clouds churn and weathermen solemnly instruct viewers to head for basements. This is tornado alley, but this time the tornado was not close to us. Other days bring the rumble of thunder and the welcome pitter-patter of rain. 

Lily-of-the-Valley, Convallaria majalis, are tiny, but so lovely.
The garden merits a flurry of activity as seeds and plants are tucked into the warm earth to grow, grow, grow. 

Weeds are growing too and must be pulled. 

Lawns are tough taskmasters demanding frequent mowing. 

Houseplants and succulents can finally be moved outside.

In the vegetable garden asparagus and rhubarb are ready to harvest.

White iris contrast with the orange poppies.

Everywhere there is a profusion of flowers.  Poppies, iris, centaurea, columbine and lily-of-the-valley rejoice in the jubilation that is spring.

Columbine, Aquilegia. is such a unique and elegant flower. 
The garden would like to consume all time and attention (and what a delightful prospect that would be), but life continues elsewhere. 

I have not seen this plant (Centaurea dealbata) in many other gardens.
School rumbles toward a surprisingly soon finale. For us, there are tennis meets to attend. If our student does well, and he does, there are even more meets to attend. 

Frilly and elegant, this plant usually gives me only a few blooms each year.

There is a graduation to travel to and attend. These are all wonderful things. Although some moms are known to get a little weepy at graduations. 

Meanwhile, regular life consisting of eating, sleeping, working and keeping a reasonably clean house continues. 

Such a lovely iris, the flower is smaller than most. 

A clump of iris can be placed almost anywhere.

May is like an extravagant ice cream sundae with lots of toppings. Three scoops? Yes! Chocolate? Yes! Caramel? Yes! Whipped cream? Yes! A cherry on top? Yes! It mounds up higher and higher in deliciousness. 

This, my friends, is May, a most wonderful time of the year. 

Snowball Bush, viburnum is must-have in my garden: 
This is an old-fashioned plant transplanted from a very old garden. Can you help me identify it?

I love the true blue flax, Linum usitatissimum.

If I had to pick a favorite iris, this one would be it. 


  1. Absolutely lovely! How much fun to see your beautiful flowers. I have to do something about a reasonably clean house before I go out to see what's blooming in my garden today!

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Linda. I do have a lot of fun in the garden.


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