A Kansas Country Garden: Drama in the Garden

This simple cosmos is home to some garden drama.
A self-sown sunflowers lifts its head to the sun.
There's always a bit of drama going on in the garden. Among the insects, birds (including the again absent Martha, our guinea who is setting on a nest), squirrels and bunny rabbits that inhabit our acreage life is happening. I'm oblivious to most of it. Take the photo above for instance. Yes, I knew there was a spider on the bloom. But the small bee who appears to be an intended victim? I had no idea it was there until I looked at the photo so I can't give you a "rest of the story" update. Did the bee escape or did the spider prevail? The answer is unknown to any human. 

The border bursts with color.
Even after many years, these lilies still catch me with surprise.
The flowers themselves create some of the garden drama. Bright, contrasting colors which change from day to day add pockets of excitement.  A few stalks emerge from the soil and suddenly erupt with delicately scented pink surprise lilies. 
I have divided this plant many times and have it throughout the garden.
Hibiscus are at home at the tropics...and the Kansas prairies.

Large, exotic hibiscus blooms add bright exclamation points throughout the garden. They are sturdy plants and have the endured heat and drought with valor. This year hasn't been quite so harsh and so their bloom has been especially lovely. Each flower is huge measuring six to ten inches at least and lasts but one day so they make each day count.

Tansy with its button flowers and pungent scent blooms near daylilies.
The purple phlox is thriving with extra moisture this year. It has a lovely scent.
You have no doubt noticed that I set the bar for drama and excitement quite low. I don't need much adrenaline pumping through my veins to keep me happy. Nice and easy is good enough for me. And a little bit of oblivion. Perhaps that helps as well.   

Tiger Lilies add a vibrant splash of orange to the garden.

I planted these cosmos from seed this year.


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