A Kansas Country Garden: July Swelters

Hibiscus bloom in the heat of summer.
Each bloom lasts just one day.
If I were a plant, I wouldn't pick July to bloom. No, in July I would waver limp and wilting in the brutal heat yearning for air conditioning and cooler days. Wait a minute. That's what I really do on hot July days.

I may not thrive in the heat of summer, but look what likes to bloom in July! These flowers don't seem to mind the heat.

A bee visits the hibiscus flower.
Russian sage (in the foreground) begins its long summer bloom. Yellow zinnias and hibiscus are in the background.
Cheerful yellow zinnias are one of my few annuals.

Gold yarrow, Achillea filipendulina, can be dried if desired.
Morning glories wind up the arbor on the patio.

One seed packet many years ago has given me many morning glories. 

This morning glory has twined up more that 12 feet.
Sea lavender, Limonium latifolium, produces a bushel basket sized spray of airy flowers.

Sunflowers tower over the vegetable garden.

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