A Kansas Country Garden: First Week of April

Yes, the daffodils are still blooming. Cooler weather prolongs the bloom time.
And it has been cool. It even snowed one day this week. Big, beautiful flakes of snow drifted down and soon melted. Today snow is a dim memory. Today it feels like spring. I spent a good portion of the day working in the garden planting transplants from  a friend's garden.

Grape hyacinth, muscari, are short, no more than six inches high. 

Grape hyacinth, muscari, love to spread throughout the garden.
This is a short species tulip, the earliest of the tulips.
This sundial finds a new home in a stump. I think it might actually sort of tell time. However, it cannot accommodate Daylight Savings Time.
If you look at these boxes and see a bunch of limp weeds that are headed for the trash, you have something in common with my husband. However, if you look at these boxes and see a lovely gift and wonderful potential, you have something in common with me. Thank you, Janet Regehr, for sharing from your beautiful garden!
With new plants coming, I re-dug a section of the border for new  plants.
I added a few scoops of very precious compost.
The new plants are settling in. It doesn't look like much yet, but hopefully by midsummer I'll be showing you some new flowers.
A year ago, the lilacs were blooming. This year they haven't even begun to bud out. To see the 2012 First Week of April garden, click here.

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