A Kansas Country Garden: First and Second Week of February

After a bleak and brown winter, a touch of color in the landscape brings hope to the soul. Winter will not last forever. Spring will come.
Even as weather reports indicate a major winter snow storm headed our way, little crocus bravely bloom. They are always the first to bloom and this year they were perhaps a week or two early. 

Crocus are planted on the south side of the house along the walkway which leads to the front door. That location may help them bloom a bit earlier than other places.
Pale lavender crocus were the very first to bloom during the first week in February. They have come up beside the Donkeytail spurge.

Crocus are small plants. They vary in size from 3-5 inches in height. 


  1. Bev,
    I am always so thrilled to see these brave little soldiers peek out of the ground! The older I get the longer and drearier the winters seem to be and it takes major focus on gratitude and positivity to get me through it. Thank you for sharing your crocus with us! It made me smile!


  2. I know what you mean, Dana! Today, of course, those brave little crocus are covered with about a foot of snow. But we know, spring is still coming.


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