A Kansas Country Garden: The Month of August

It took all summer for the Morning Glory to grow on the bridge and begin to bloom.
The month of August was tough for the garden. Its hot. A certain weariness sets in. The gardening enthusiasm of spring is hard to muster in August. Most perennials have finished blooming. We depend on annuals for a bit of color, but not all of them are in top form. Some plants are looking bedraggled. They need to be cut back. However, if you look closely you may notice that a patch of bermuda grass has crept in a place or two and taken hold. Can I just admit that gardening in August is not as fun as in June?  Still, if we look at the garden through eyes that see what's good, instead of what's not so good, there is still beauty to be found.
Morning Glories reseed prolifically. Many years ago I purchased  two kinds, the dark purple and this white. I love them both, but sometimes they crossbreed and the result is a washed out lavender.
Gomphrena have oval blooms and are ideal for drying.
Tansy is an aromatic herb with a lovely foliage and yellow "button blooms" in August.
Garlic chives are a useful and beautiful herb to have in the garden. As soon as they have finished blooming every single blossom should be cut off and removed or you will have far more plants that you want. I speak from experience.
Perhaps the longest bloom perennial, Russian Sage just keeps right on blooming.
The final hibiscus, this photo is from early in the month.
A few sweet peas bloom on a trellis.


  1. Even your "tired" garden looks beautiful to my eyes, Bev! Mine is beyond tired. It's dried up and tattered. The heat and our watering restrictions played havoc. We came home from vacation and the weeds...the things that survive when everything else fails...had taken over. I had planned a garden re-do anyway, this Fall seems an ideal time to undertake it. Wish me luck!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Dana! I do wish you luck with your new garden. I think we all need a fresh start once in awhile. Wish you could stop by my garden so I could share some plants with you!


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