Mother to Mother

For my mother, Lillian Epp
Written for Mother's Day in 1999

Mama and me

Now I know just what you gave me
when your body ached with weariness
and you longed to go to bed,
but you heard your baby crying
and came to comfort me instead.

Mom and me in the garden

Now I know just what you gave me,
how you worked to make a home
when you fixed a thousand meals a year,
washed, sewed, cleaned and taught us, too.
And words of thanks were seldom heard.

Our little family in front of the original Crestview Bible Church building.

Now I know just what you gave me
when you made sure I was in church,
taught me all about Jesus; lived your faith in every way.
You never let me doubt, I knew it must be true
because your life reflected everything you used to say.

On my wedding day.

Now I know just what you gave,
and I know I can't return it all, no matter how I try.
But you know your precious grandsons - -
the ones who call me "Mom"?
I've taken what you gave me and I'm giving it to them.
Mom with her first grandchildren, Jesse and Sheree.

Still missed! Mom has been in heaven since 2000. 

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  1. Bev...this is a beautiful tribute to your Mother. No one really knows what it feels like to be a Mom until you become one. And now her lessons live on through you. Happy Mother's Day!


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