A Kansas Country Garden-Fourth Week of March

These red tulips have multiplied some over the years.
Due to a week with lots of beautiful rain, a dead camera battery and an out-of-town trip, there are no photos of the third week in March. And so, here is what is blooming in our garden during the fourth week of March about a week and a half after my first post.   
Redbud trees have begun their bloom seen here in the evening light.

The crab apple tree in all her glory. Stand underneath and listen to the hum of happy insects celebrating the beginning of spring.
The low growing almond bush has delicate pale pink frilly blooms.
The flowering plum's bloom is sparse, but lovely. This bush will have burgundy leaves and no fruit.

The early daffodils (I believe most of them are King Alfred) have finished blooming, but there are still a few latter varieties that are now beginning to bloom.

The spurge are now in blooming. Euphorbia are grown mostly for the foliage, but still have an interesting chartreuse flower. I have two kinds: possibly a cushion spurge (above) which has soft and silky foliage that is turns from a burgundy in early spring to a misty green color  and one I'm quite sure was named "Donkey Tail" (right). They both appear to be "buy-em-once" type of plant with seedlings sprouting up here and there in the garden. This is especially true of the cushion spurge.
Two low-growing plants are blooming now. This lavender phlox is just beginning to bloom. It is part of what once was a large planting. Probably less than 25% returned this spring no doubt due to last summer's brutal temperature and it's place far from the water faucet. 

The second plant is candytuft or iberis. Small white flowers add brightness to the early spring garden.

Still Blooming
Grape hyacinth continue to bloom next to red tulips

Just a few blooms remain on the Bradford Pear Tree.

Vegetable Garden
We enjoyed our first picking of asparagus.

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